Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing facilities are available in each of the following Northern Territory Courts:

  • Darwin Supreme Court
  • Darwin Local Court
  • Alice Springs Court House
  • Katherine Court House
  • Tennant Creek Court House

Videoconferencing may be requested by any party to an action or may proceed of the Court’s own motion. The facilities are also available for hire, if available, to persons not involved in Court proceedings.

The Evidence Act has been amended to include provisions for the taking of evidence by way of videoconferencing.

Request for Video Conferencing

  1. The party requesting the videoconference must first ensure that the equipment is available for use at the time of the proposed conference. This can be done by contacting the following numbers:
    Darwin Supreme Court, Sheriff’s Office 8999 7930
    Darwin Local Court, Manager, Orderlies 8999 6085
    Alice Springs Court House, List Clerk 8951 5713
    Katherine Court House, Deputy Registrar 8973 8956
    Tennant Creek Court House, Registrar 8962 4377

  2. If the equipment is available, the party requesting the videoconference must submit to the appropriate person mentioned above a completed ‘Request for Videoconference’ form (Attachment A). The form is available on the Department of Attorney-General and Justice and Supreme Court web pages. A supply of the forms is also available at each of the court registries.

    The parties must also comply with the various practice directions and seek the leave of the relevant Court to adduce evidence by way of videoconferencing. This may be done before or after the request form hasbeen lodged.

    The request form includes an undertaking by the person applying for the videoconference to pay the costs of the videoconference including equipment hire, transmission costs and the cost of testing.

    If the form is not submitted, the videoconference will not proceed.

Video Conference Policy & Forms

Please download and view the following documents for more information.

Policy: PDF Format
Forms: PDF Format, Word Format